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The Hellfire Lounge 3: Jinn Rummy


Available Now in Print and for all eReaders !!

Satan gets a headache DeLuxe when Druscilla and Cher unleash a thousand year-old genie in the Hellfire Lounge. Ali Akbar Rajnam is a wiz of a wizatrd - he is also a lush who screws up every wish.

So, buckle up your seatbelts tonight because it will be a bumpy ride for sure at London's only supernatural night spot. And, it seems that everyone in the club has a genie story to tell - even those mischievous elves.

Who would have imagined that!

New!! Prototype of the Druscilla and Cheralyn 1/6 scale action figures. Displayed at Fan Cons and signings.

Custom outfits by Chad Vanya from designs by Denny Fincke.

Go to Short Stories for a Preview of "The Extraordinary Case of the Wicca Girl" Chronicled by Dr. John Watson in 'Hellfire Lounge 2: Rat Pack Redux'

In 1887, the streets of Whitechappel, London run red with blood. Druscilla meets Sherlock Holmes and uncovers a sinister plot behind the Jack the Ripper murders. Jocelyn is involved and an evil presence you'll never guess. Irene Adler is enlisted to go undercover and help prevent a nation-wide bloodbath.

FaceBook Wicca Girl Fan SiteFaceBook WICCA GIRL Fan Site

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WICCA GIRL, WICCA GIRL 2: The Persistence of Evil, and all three HELLFIRE LOUNGE anthologies return to the Scranton, PA Comic Book and Collectibles Show on June 24th 2012. R. Allen Leider and contributing artist Ed Coutts will be signing copies of all books. Watch for more details.

The author signs Wicca Girl and Hellfire Lounge copies at the most recent Greetings and Readings signing at Balticon 46.

Author CJ Henderson proudly displays a copy of R. Allen Leider's Hellfire Lounge.

Wicca Girl Fans

Zacherley the Cool Ghoul loves WICCA GIRL, says "Druscilla Marie d'Lambert is the kind of girl I should have married."

" amazing, amusing tale with real thrills. I can't wait for themovie." - Joe Franklin

What's Happening 
Radio and TV
  • 40 second radio spots are running on CBS radio across the countrym
  • WBAI Pacific Radio has a 20 minute interview running in July on Niteshifts
  • The Barry Z Show syndicated Cable TV program has a ten minute interview

ChannelERK Interview with R. Allen Leider Episode #84 Interview with R.Allen Leider


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